Wild Magic Mushrooms

A few months ago me and a friend of mine bought a pack of Magic Mushrooms. I personally have tried wild Cambodia Mushrooms before, so I had an idea what should I expect.

We had several trips starting with 1 mushroom and gradually increasing the dosage. With this amount you get a good laugh and a feeling, that you are a part of the nature and in a subconscious level you feel in connection with all living beings. There are some nice visuals especially if you are out in the nature and eyes are closed.
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At the final trip, which I want to share with you we took 5 grams of dried mushrooms (about 4 big mushrooms) each and IT started a little bit later. The beginning was rather mild and felt a little bit like getting high on marijuana. What came next was something, that I could not anticipate and felt like I was getting out of my body and concentrate my entire entity in my head. I knew, that I had a body, but this was not relevant and not important. Then it felt like my body doesn't exist anymore and I realized, that I don't need a body and I AM what I am even without the outer shell called a body. This was all very real and it felt like this is some kind of truth, that reaches beyond life. It felt like I get to know my divine part, which is separate from my body, but still alive and very real. At some point I realized, that all we people are as one and are connected in a way, that is beyond the eyesight and is much more important and significant, than anything here on earth.

With two words - this was the most spiritual and life changing experience I ever had. I surely will never be the same person like before, but in a good way :) I don't recommend it on everybody though, because for some people, something like this can be scary, not knowing, that it ends and that you are coming back.
The entire trip lasted about 4 hours - from 7PM until 11-11:30PM. Oh one word about the other guy, that was with me - when we shared the trips it turned out, that we had pretty similar experience, different only in the minor details.

I want to thank Avalon Magic Plants for those life changing moments and would recommend them if you are about to use their services.

I can tell you this - no matter how much info you read, you can never know, what is the feeling with the mushrooms until you try it yourself. I tried to be as clear as I can, but those things I experienced - I am not sure, that anyone can describe it with human words - the experience is so different, than anything you know.

If you are about to try magic mushrooms for the first time - one advice start with smaller dosages, because the trips from higher dosages is very intense and takes preparation for it.

P.S. Be sure to have food around, because after the trip, one is really very hungry.

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